For our NSW friends, we’ve reached a BIG milestone – Post Lockdown Life.

This is an opportunity for children to change their fitness habits, which may have gone astray, a cause we are incredibly passionate about.

Here are 9 fitness tips for getting kids off their screens and love moving more post lockdown:

  1. Go on a family bike ride

Go outside and explore! Family bike rides are a great medium to get active outside and explore whether it’s your local area or somewhere new.

  1. Get some fresh air – meditate in nature

Go on a walk or step out into the backyard to exercise the brain. Set a timer and try to sit still. Hot tip, playing the who can be a “rock” the longest game works well with young children to help them sit still and let their minds wonder.  Take in the smells, the fresh air, and the sounds of nature.

  1. Climb a rock wall

Whether it be an indoor climbing wall or a rock wall at the park, climbing helps build children’s fine and gross motor skills. Plus, children love the challenge rock climbing gives them.

  1. Attend social sporting classes

Hooray, sporting classes are back on at MyFirstGym and children can not only get their ya ya’s out, but they can finally socialise with their teammates and peers again.  A win-win post lockdown.

  1. Board to the beach

Summer is calling, so now is the perfect time to learn a new water skill or pick up an old-time favourite. From surfing to bodyboarding, SUP boarding to wakeboarding, there are so many choices as well as beaches and lakes to explore in this beautiful country we call home

  1. Make an obstacle course (Ninja Warrior for time)

Kids love challenges, so channel the Ninja Warrior and Parkour classes available at MyFirstGym and design an obstacle course in your own backyard. Set a challenge for time or kids can race against their friends and peers. Parents and carers don’t be afraid to get involved and unleash your own inner ninja warrior as well!

  1. Get active with a friend or family member

Invite friends and family to get active with you. Go on a walk, run or swim with someone special you all haven’t seen for a while.

  1. Bike, Scoot or Walk to school

Skip the school drop-off lines and wheel to school. This is a great way to show your family’s dedication to exercise and to the planet.

  1. Host a sporting game

Have friends over for a round of table tennis or soccer. Create teams and come up with fun prizes. Perhaps even consider starting your own little neighbourhood competition.