Halloween is a Seriously Fun holiday that dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. To help keep the festivities going, we’ve grouped 10 of our favourite Halloween fun-facts. Check them out below!


  1. The first Jack O’Lanterns were originally made from turnips & beets – not pumpkins!
  2. Samhnainophobia is the fear of Halloween
  3. Halloween was once about match-making where you would find your soul mate
  4. People used to perform at trick or treating by singing and/or dancing
  5. There are no words that rhyme with orange
  6. Ohio is home to the world’s longest haunted house!
  7. The top costumes for 2017 was: Superheroes, Batman/Princesses, Animals, Spiderman & Star Wars Characters
  8. Halloween is actually abbreviated from Hallows eve’ or All Hallows Evening
  9. A full moon on Halloween is extremely rare – The next one will be in 2020. The last one’s were 2001 and 1955!
  10. Halloween is the 2nd most commercial American holiday of the year – following Christmas!


Keep the celebration going by sharing a picture of your child with their fang-tastic halloween costume  along with the hashtag #MyFirstHalloween and #MFGHalloween!