Halloween is creeping around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! However, it’s easy for kids to fill up on all that unhealthy candy, and not be motivated to eat well and train well. 


This article will give you ways, tricks and tips in order to still be maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle for the whole family, even during this fang-tastic season. 

Get Moving 

Stay active this Halloween by trick-or-treating, not just around your neighbourhood, but more further afield to get your steps count up. Create challenges with your family members and their friends before you get to the next street. By staying active during Halloween, helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle – even when you might have a lot of candy to eat!


Eat well 


It may seem impossible at first to eat well with Halloween on the horizon, but you don’t have to fill up on junk food and sweets. Get the whole family creating healthy spook-tacular treats such as these Friendly Spider Sandwiches and healthy snacks like these.


Ensure that you have a healthy meal before you go out to start (trick or) treating. If you fill up on a healthy, balanced meal beforehand, you’ll be less inclined to eat from your sugary stash to and fro houses. Moreover, when you do receive lots of sweet treats, ensure you keep them out of sight so that you don’t tempt yourself by having them all at once, mix them up between trail mixes, crackers, fruit and so on. 

Coach clapping kid for achievement
Treats mean gifts too!

Just because kids are trick or treating, doesn’t mean that you just have to give them sweets! Break up the monotony with toys like jump ropes and balls, rather than unhealthy sweets. You’ll still be giving treats but in the form of fun and encouragement to be more active. 

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated can help control your hunger and stop you from constant snacking. Ensure when you are trick or treating, that you carry your water bottle with you and stay well hydrated. Plus it has the added bonus of rinsing the sugar and protecting your teeth! 

Kids Zone

Get prepped this Halloween, with these fun activities that the whole family can get involved in!