Working parents and carers around the country are nervously counting down the days to one date, and it’s not Christmas. For those trying to juggle work and kids at home, that final Friday before the school holiday commences is approached with dread. What’s a working parent or carer to do?

There’s traditional child care (expensive) and of course, Grandma and Grandpa might be willing to help (until Johnny upends a bag of flour on their new couch). There’s the “I’ll just work before the kids get up and after they go to bed” method (exhausting) with the backup babysitter, Auntie iPad or Uncle Screen a favourite amongst those who just need to get that report written (Oh! The guilt!!)

What can we do with our little cherubs which is both fun, safe, active, and engaging?  MyFirstGym has the answers: 

Get into a routine.

Yes, like vegemite and avocado, keeping your kids active and working seems like they don’t go together, but trust us: they absolutely do!! Exercise not only releases all those good-feeling chemicals in their brain and keeps their bodies healthy, it tuckers them out… and we all know that tired kids are quiet kids! Studies also show that children are much more sedentary during extended holiday periods, with a clear correlation to increases in instances of becoming overweight and obesity in children. Getting them routinely off the couch is a sure way to keep them healthy these holidays:

  • Go for an early morning walk or afternoon bike ride with the kids before and after work: you’ll get fitter too! 
  • Enrol them in regular fitness classes like those offered at MyFirstGym. There’s even a  Drop + Run service: the kids get fit and you get the work done! And they don’t close during holiday breaks like most clubs.
  • Take a break from the computer and pop into the pool with your kids during the day if you work from home. Who doesn’t love Marco Polo??
  • Book them into a MyFirstGym Holiday Camp– and watch them expel more energy than you knew they had!  With so much variety, you child might find his/her inner Ninja Warrior, Gymnast, or Martial Artist. 
  • Routine is important and MyFirstGym knows how big the first day of school can be, so they’ve created a special camp for kids who are off to school in January called “School Readiness Camp” to help ease them into their new routine

Put the screens down.

It’s easy to do… the languid summer break can easily turn into a screen fest. According to the Australian Parents Council, children from the ages of 5-17 years of age should have no more than two hours of screen time a day, something which increases exponentially during the holidays. But for working parents, especially those at home, the peace and quiet needed to finish the day’s work during school holidays is usually accompanied by abundant screen time. Alleviating the guilt of frisbeeing the tablet to them is easy though, especially when you’ve tempered all that lying around with solid physical activity: 

  • Have a (long) list of chores the kids have to do around the house before they can access their screens. Clean bedrooms are an obvious one, but chores can extend to vacuuming, washing cars and even mowing the lawn depending on their age and abilities.
  • Use MyFirstGym’s flexible and varied timetable as a way of getting your kids off screens, active, healthy and occupied.  
  • Purchase a kids activity tracker, such as MyMovementBuddy and give your child a physical activity target to reach.  You’d be surprised how motivated kids are by Movement Points each day. 
  • Set a minute to minute physical challenge. For every minute your child is physically active outside, they can have one minute on their screens. 


Keep your cool AND keep the kids active!

Summer in Australia is hot, and let’s face it, sweating it out on a trampoline or jogging around after a soccer ball in the middle of the day isn’t particular sun safe or good for heatstroke. Keeping our kids cool in an increasingly warming atmosphere is difficult, but we don’t want them to sit inside under the air conditioning for six weeks over the holidays either. There are still options to keep our kids active and cool during the working day:

  • Purpose built air-conditioned spaces like those at MyFirstGym are perfect for keeping the kids cool and active. Best of all, their coaches will supervise them, freeing you up for work.
  • There are plenty of physical activity games which can be played on gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch, right in your living room.   


Enrol them in a camp

Perhaps the best way to keep the wheels of your employment turning and the kids active is to simply enrol them in holiday camps. This is where MyFirstGym really comes into its own: 

  • Founded by busy parents for other busy, working parents and carers, MyFirstGym has a focus on health, wellbeing and fitness, all wrapped up in a professionally supervised setting. 
  • Choose to enrol your children in just a few classes a day, or really ramp up their fitness (and your productivity) in fun extended holiday camps. 
  • For those who have kids about to embark on the school journey, make sure you book into MyFirstGym’s “School Readiness Camp” to help prepare them for their first big day and make some new friends!
  • A huge variety of classes and timetables can give your child the gift of health these summer holidays and fit into your routine at work!

It shouldn’t be all work, work, work: parents deserve some fun too! 

MyFirstGym gets you, and that’s why they have Date Night. Reward yourself on balancing life, work and a family with a much-needed Date Night. MyFirstGym will look after your kids and keep them active while you and your partner relax and enjoy a kid-free break and adult conversation!