8 School Holiday Boredom Busters - My First Gym

Have you run out of ideas to keep your child entertained during these school holidays?


Let’s admit it, it’s sometimes exhausting for us parents – finding things to do to keep kids active and entertained (especially, when you don’t want the dollars counting up either)! While children are jumping for joy over the fact of no school for 2 weeks, we’re dreading how to keep the kids happy, active and healthy without hearing the dreaded ‘i’m bored’ every 5 minutes.


So we have come up with 8 fun ideas that you can incorporate over the school holidays to keep those kids active and entertained!


🌟 #1 – Get Active! – Bike riding is always so much fun, look up some local bike riding tracks, pack some sandwiches and a cheeky treat and head on your way! Really get out there and enjoy exploring new and wonderful places your area has to offer.


Where to go?

Brisbane: New Farm Park
Gold Coast: Broadwater Parklands


For some great information on cycling in Brisbane – an activity for the whole family visit: https://www.cyclingbrisbane.com.au/sites/default/files/tps_-_ppu_-_cycling_brisbane_-_riding_in_brisbane_guide_tagged_pdf_-_jun_2017.pdf



🌟 #2 – Get Cooking! Kids LOVE to cook so take advantage of this and spend some one on one time in your own master chef world. Hold a ‘Nailed it’ night and see who made it best. Bake cupcakes and you can’t go past a good old homemade pizza night followed by a movie!


🌟 #3 – Get Competitive! Do something out of the ordinary. Find your local basketball park and shoot some hoops together. This is a great way to show your kids how cool you are because hopefully by now you can actually get the ball in that hoop from all those years of nappy in the bin throwing you have done. Whether its shooting hoops, kicking a ball around or running races, the kids will LOVE IT! Trust us!


🌟 #4 – Go outdoors! – It’s summer! Get up and get out! Head to the park and go on the swings, drive to the beach and swim in the ocean, put on your hat and win at some mini-golf.


🌟 #5 – Meet friends! Someone once told me that a motherhood shared is a motherhood enjoyed and I have to say whoever said that was spot on. Plan your week and make sure you schedule days out with friends. Why not make a very special day trip to the zoo together, pack some lunch but definitely get some milkshakes!



🌟 #6 – Get Creative! I know, for most of us it’s a parent’s worst nightmare… all that glitter… is that glue in your hair? but it will also keep the kids entertained for HOURS! Pop to the shops and buy all the essential coloured paper, glue, glitter & paint, set them up OUTSIDE and then just drink your coffee and turn the other way or get really into it and be the queen of craft – up to you – no judgement either way! 



🌟 #7 – Get learning! Walk to a museum and marvel at the amazing history or head down to the planetarium and explore the nights sky!



Last but not least is…..


🌟 #8 My First GYM School Holiday BootcampWith fun and movement as our focus, our Bootcamps will teach your kids sport-specific skills and give them the confidence to participate in friendly competition while you take a break to run errands, catch up with friends or just relax!



So there you have it, plenty to do but let’s not stop here, share with us your own fun list of things to do these school holidays.