Are you finding it hard to get through the tail-end of this year, with Christmas and school holidays just around the corner?

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas or nothing at all, it’s almost impossible to avoid the December fluster. From the first appearance of Myer’s tinsel, it builds to a mountain of gifts, entertaining, travel, shopping, finance planning, work events and so much more. 

But don’t stress, before you get tipsy on mulled wine, here’s some expert advice on how to handle it all. Take a read (when you have a minute to yourself!) and see what tips and tricks you can do, to ensure you’re chilled out and enjoying Christmas! 



Get Some Space 


We know you feel like you have no time for yourself with so much going on, but you can take 30-60 minutes! Take up to an hour every day and just evaluate how you’re feeling, you’ll feel 10x better by just checking in with yourself. Give the kids to your partner or mum and dad and run a quick bath, go for a walk or just put your headphones on and close your eyes for 10 minutes. Everything will still be how you left it, but you won’t have as much as a short fuse this time around!

By doing something like this every day, gives you time to relax and chill out during this jam-packed season. It will help you to organise what you need to do and give you a chance to actually look forward to doing these things, rather than viewing them as chores. 



Stop, Drop and Shop


We told you we’re here for you!

All of our MyFirstGym clubs are located next/near shopping centres, so drop the kids off with us and we’ll keep them entertained whilst you go Christmas present shopping (in peace!). In trusted hands of our awesome coaches, we will entertain your kid(s) and get them moving with our range of classes for 3 – 15 years. 

When you return, your child will have burned off all their excess energy, meaning an easier night for you too! 



Don’t forget to exercise in your busy schedule! 


Exercise causes the brain to release endorphins a.k.a. Reduces stress and makes you feel good! Ensure you and the kids get plenty of exercise over these few stressful weeks, whether that’s going for a walk to the shops, or dancing to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you’. 



Picture perfect


To avoid a stairway meltdown, be realistic about what you can do and what you can achieve, and most importantly, what you want. That doesn’t mean lowering your expectations, it just means making them more practical for the setting you’re in. 

Just because the cakes aren’t piped the same way as you saw it on Pinterest, your kids and family will think it’s a magical christmas. Is it necessary to get stressed out over the small stuff? In reality, your kids will love it much more if you were to take a lie down, while dad and the kids ice cakes, then you play with them when your energy is back up. Nowhere near the perfection you imagined, but much better.





Make Christmas that wonderful time of the year again, your children’s expectations aren’t as high as you think – they just want you to be happy, and to celebrate with you (a happy, less stressed version!) 

But if you’re feeling the pressure, don’t be afraid to reach out. Talk to a professional and make sure you speak out.