MyFirstGym knows the struggles children faced being locked out of their favourite physical activities all too well.

“I loved my zoom dance classes over lockdown, but after a while I really missed seeing my friends and coach in the gym” says 9 year old Ellie Newton.

The impacts of lockdowns, home schooling, cancelling of sporting programs and general COVID-19 fear has accelerated the rate of inactivity in our children. This inactivity has had a major impact on children’s mental and physical health, that is yet to be fully realised.

MyFirstGym CEO Steven Ryan believes our dedication to children’s fitness is more important than ever as lockdowns across the country begin to ease.

“Our ethos is to inspire movement. We know that physical activity has an incredible effect on children’s mental and physical wellbeing, and we are desperate to get our NSW clubs open again so that we can continue delivering that message”, Ryan says.

Ryan’s passion for getting children off screens and inspiring movement is only fuelled further by what has taken place across the world in the last 18 months. Studies have shown that screen time is significantly up, and overall physical activity is drastically down.

“The numbers don’t lie unfortunately. Screen time going up and physical activity going down is a recipe for disaster. We know this will lead to increases in obesity, sedentariness, anxiety and depression, all of which were already major issues prior to COVID-19”, Ryan stressed.

The physical and mental impacts of COVID-19 and corresponding lockdowns on our children to this point haven’t really been discussed in detail. Founder and Director at MyFirstGym, Dan Newton believes our kids will need just as much support.

“What about the 2 year old that hasn’t seen another child their own age for the last 16 weeks? Or the 8 year old that is falling behind at school as a result of both parents working while trying to home school? Or the 12 year old rising athlete, that hasn’t been able to train with their team mates and has now missed two full seasons of the sport they live for? These are the kids that we will be looking at inspiring through our programs”, Newton says.

“We know that what we do is important, more so now than ever”, Newton went on to say.

“Whether it be MFG Ninja Warrior, gymnastics, martial arts, dance or our group fitness class specifically designed for kids, the physical movement and social interaction will inspire our members” concluded Newton.

In 2022, MyFirstGym is excited to announce it will be welcoming clubs in Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory to help deliver its programs to more communities.

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