Crawling Koalas (7-12 months)

This class gets your child moving by introducing basic motor skills while focusing on the fundamentals of balance and coordination.

Give your Koala a taste of independence without being separated from you.

Crawling Koalas helps to build confidence through movement and encourages interaction with other Koalas in a safe, secure environment. A life of movement starts here.

Walking Wallabies (13-23 months)

This class builds on the principles of movement and skills learnt in Crawling Koalas.

You little Wallaby will build self-confidence by interacting with other Wallabies and will explore core movement patterns, with parental guidance and help. This class promotes body awareness and vital movement skills.

Jumping Joeys (2-3 years)

This class introduces the progression of core movement patterns and early gymnastic skills.

We teach joeys to understand spatial awareness and develop movement control with your assistance. Within this class we also introduce a variety of fitness activities and incorporate basic coordination, strength and teamwork skills. This class aids in school readiness, through the refinement of essential movement.

Movement points: 5

Dingo Pups (4 years)

This class advances your pup and gives them their first taste of our dashing dingo and speciality classes. We focus on early gymnastics, dance, bootcamp and ninja warrior.

We teach our pups to understand the importance of movement and give them the fundamental knowledge of exercise. Within this class we also introduce a variety of higher level fitness activities for their age and incorporate coordination, strength and teamwork skills. This class aids in school readiness, through the refinement of essential movement.

Movement points: 15

Dashing Dingoes (5-7 years)

This class introduces a more comprehensive set of motor skills, and teaches the importance of movement while making physical activity fun in everyday life.

Dashing Dingoes teaches competency in basic fitness activities.

We will work on improving your dingoes co-ordination, strength and teamwork skills while introducing speed, endurance and agility.

This class is where the passion for movement and exercise begins.

Movement points: 10

racing roos (8-10 years)

Racing Roos will develop movement skills and functional training modalities by introducing fundamental fitness learnings that your Roo can take with them into everyday life.

We facilitate team-based games and activities to introduce goal oriented activities.

This class encourages the enjoyment of the workout experience.

Movement points: 15

Athletic Alligators (11-13 years)

This class is designed to continue to develop your young athlete’s fitness levels and encourage teamwork.

We will work to strengthen your child’s heart, lung, muscles and bones through appropriate physical activity.

This class ensures Alligators enjoy the workout experience and learn to push themselves to the next level and master the tasks they participate in.

Movement points: 20

MyFirstYoga (5-13 years)

Our children’s yoga program introduces the fundamentals of a yoga and children’s mind/body awareness, in a fun and engaging way.

Your child will gain confidence as they learn yoga terminology, basic stretching techniques and body strengthening exercises. They are also given the chance to move to music.

This class aims to develop an early love of yoga and physical movement.

Movement points: 15

MyFirstAthletics (5-7/8+ years)

Our athletics program empowers children as they learn the rules and fundamentals of various sports.

Your child will build confidence as they develop skills such as passing, catching, hitting, kicking, jumping, throwing, etc. while learning to play soccer, basketball, hockey, judo, touch footy and more.

With a four-week focus for each sport, this class includes exercise and fitness training, basic rules and definitions, court or field layout, skill drills and analytics specific to each sport. On the fourth week of each sport, your child will be ready to play a friendly game – “MyFirstGym rules” of course!

You will notice physical developments in your child as they associate with the basics of the sport and utilize the skills in preparation for their chosen game.

Movement points: 15

MyFirstDance (5-7/8+ years)

We have two children’s dance styles; Jazz and Funk classes that alternate each term.

With a focus on movement, the dance classes develop kid-friendly movements based on both Jazz and Funk choreography. We break down the steps, add games, activities and learn full and fun dance routines. These classes are designed to help develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fun fitness as a natural part of children’s lives!

Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity and coordination.

Movement points: 15

MyFirstGymnastics (5-7/8+ years)

Our gymnastics classes are designed to get children to move using the basic principles of gymnastics. This class aims to give children more control over their bodies and focus on demonstrating the correct technique to develop control and relative body strength.

Movement points: 15

MyFirstMartialArts (5-13 years)

MyFirstMartialArts is designed to get children to move using the basic principles of martial arts; incorporating a variety of different disciplines. This class aims to give children confidence through the correct use of martial arts, by demonstrating the correct technique and application of skills.

Movement points: 15

MyFirstBootCamp (5+ years)

A kids first taste of a true workout – this class will get your little ones working to their potential, using similar exercises to adults training to give kids the true boot-camp experience.

Movement points: 15

MyFirstNinjaWarrior (5+ years)

This action-packed training program offers an obstacle course to bring out the ‘Ninja Warrior’ in your child. Our trainers will help to create the foundations for success in your children’s future athletic endeavours.

This class will get your little ones working to their athletic capabilities, using similar exercises that you would find on your favourite television show. We focus on building strength, cardio endurance, confidence and athletic skills, for your child to become a true ‘Ninja Warrior’.

Movement points: 20