Junior Classes

Junior Classes


Our junior development program has been established in consultation with one of the country’s lead paediatric physiotherapists and will provide the framework your child needs to grow from a new-born to school readiness.

The classes are focused on fundamental movement skills. What are they? Stability, Locomotor, Manipulative. Becoming proficient in the three fundamental movement skills enables children to participate confidently in play, games and outdoor activities at home and school. They’re more confident and social, so more likely to maintain a healthy and active life as they grow up.

We will also assist your child achieve social, mental, verbal and behavioural milestones specific to their age. Throughout the program your child will graduate from each class and receive a certificate highlighting the milestones they have achieved.

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Junior Classes

  • Baby Explorers


    During this period there is lots of change and development in your baby’s skills. It is such an exciting time, and we want you to enjoy it. We will give you the confidence to support your baby through their motor development, to be able to have fun and play with your baby with stimulating and appropriate games. Our program will cover the development of motor skills and coordination. We will be working on their spatial awareness and exploration. The activities will develop their balance and their strength.
    Class Milestones:

    • Sits confidently and independently 
    • Independent mobility – walking or crawling 
    • Can visually track and object while seated
    • Pick up small object with fingers and thumbs
    • Transfers objects from one hand to the other
  • Walking Wallabies


    The Walking Wallabies class is a great start for toddlers, because it provides them with a safe and fun environment to practice their skills.  The class aims to develop your toddler’s strength and control, so they can move confidently and independently.  We will also practice important fine motor skills, such as grasping and manipulating objects. We will encourage exploration to promote cognitive, speech, and sensory development.

    Class Milestones:

    • Walks independently
    • Squats to pick up a toy
    • Stacks two objects
    • Consistently follows simple directions
    • Responds to questions
  • Jumping Joeys


    The Jumping Joeys class will be a great opportunity for your toddler to play with other toddlers while practicing all their fine and gross motor skills.  They get the opportunity to socialise and develop their communications skills which are so important at this stage.

    When doing this class regularly, you can expect to see improvements in your toddler’s motor skills, such as better balance and more stability with walking. By participating in our customised program, the toddlers will have improved body awareness, and will therefore learn new skills such as climbing and running.  Throughout the class they will learn to take turns and follow instructions.  We will provide opportunities for the toddlers to play independently and learn new thinking skills.

    Class Milestones:

    • Walks along a low balance beam
    • Runs and skips
    • Catches a large ball
    • Jumps with 2 feet
    • Takes turns in games
    • Follow 2 & 3 step instructions
  • Energetic Emus


    This class has activities to work on your child’s balance, strength, coordination and body awareness.   We will work on the fundamental skills of throwing, catching, kicking and running. This is also an important time to work on fine motor skills and developing their sensory system.

    We integrate all these important skills together in interesting games and activities that will encourage your child to explore and think creatively.

    Class Milestones:

    • Walking along a line
    • Run confidently around obstacles
    • Hop and stand on one foot for up to four seconds
    • Kick, throw, and catch a ball
    • Count, and understand the concept of counting
    • Participates in pretend and creative play
    • Cooperates with other children
  • Dingo Pups


    The Dingo Pups is a fantastic fun class for your kids to refine their motor skills, increase their strength and coordination, and get them ready for school and sports.  Kids need to be active at this age, and we will get them moving, while at the same time, encouraging their emotional, social and cognitive development.

    Through our movement and activities, we encourage observation, exploration and problem solving.  We teach the children how to participate in group games, and how to follow directions.  We provide opportunities for your child to interact and play creatively with other children. By the end of this class, your child will be better prepared to commence school and join in with school sports.

    Class Milestones:

    • Walk on a balance beam.
    • Can hop on one foot at least five times.
    • Balances on one foot for 6-8 seconds
    • Throw a ball and hit a target
    • Can stop, start, turn while running
    • Speak in sentences and have a conversation
    • Shows more independence

Free Play

Have a child with endless energy? Can’t make it to your normal class? Drop into MyFirstGym, and let your child’s imagination run wild during free play.

With access to our fun equipment, they’ll jump, crawl and run until they’re out of steam! Great for building fitness, motor skills, confidence and social interaction, our free play is open every morning for our junior members!

Contact your local club and ask for free play availability or make a booking in your member app.

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But Wait, There’s More!

For the future dancer, ninja, gymnast, yogi, athlete, cheerleader to karaoke kid, there’s a whole suite of additional classes for kids 2 – 4 years old. Chat to your local club to see what’s on offer.

  • Ball Sports

    2-4 YEARS

    Junior Ball Sports is designed to introduce your child to a variety of ball sports. This is where they will learn skills such as throwing, catching, bouncing, kicking and aiming. sports.

  • Play Group

    Under 4 Years

    Practice fine motor and craft skills in PlayGroup! Interact with children of a variety in ages to practice socialisation and communication. Free time on the obstacle course too!

  • Dance

    2-4 YEARS

    Toddlers love to dance! Members learn introductory dance techniques while having loads of fun with age appropriate music.

  • Ninja Warrior

    2-4 YEARS

    Our budding ninjas start from age 2. With a coach supervised course the little ninjas will jump, run and climb through multiple obstacles. This class is especially great for ninjas who have lots of energy to burn! 

  • Gymnastics

    2-4 YEARS

    Learn the basics in our gymnastics inspired junior class. Focusing on technique and fun, this program will assist your child in developing their balance, locomotor skills and coordination. 

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