Birthday Parties

Voted Best Birthday Party Venue

MyFirstGym is an award winning party venue for boys and girls aged between 0 – 15 years of age. We give your birthday child and their friends the full run of the facility, filling the celebration with instructor-led games, music, and fun! Parents, sit back and enjoy the party – you don’t even have to worry about setup or clean-up, making it that much more fun for everyone! 

We’ll host your next Birthday Party

We know your birthday boy or girl and all their friends will have an awesome time with our Birthday Party team! For more information or to book, click ‘Enquire Now’ below!

It’s super easy:

  • You can invite up to 40 kids 
  • Bring your own party food
  • Different Party themes
  • Watch the kids at play
  • Get free VIP passes
  • Exclusive use of facilities

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There’s a better way to gift

With our partners at PrezentBox

We get your frustration of all the unwanted presents and meaningless gifts you’ve received over the years. That’s why we’ve teamed up with PrezentBox, so family and friends can contribute money to your child’s MyFirstGym classes instead. It’s free and simple to use. Don’t let another year go by filled with plastic toys, clothes that don’t fit, and presents that you’ll regift later.

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