Holiday Camps

About Holiday Camps

MyFirstGym Holiday camps are coach lead classes that focus on movement and exercise while keeping your kids active and entertained over these school holidays. If you’re looking for a healthy way to keep your kids moving and having fun at the same time, there is no better holiday program out there than MyFirstGym Holiday Camps.

  • Founded by active and busy parents, MyFirstGym has a focus on health, wellbeing and fitness, all wrapped up in a professionally supervised setting.
  • Choose to enrol your children in just a few classes a day, or really ramp up their fitness (and your productivity) in fun extended holiday camps.
  • For those who have kids about to embark on the school journey, make sure you book into MyFirstGym’s “School Readiness Camp” to help prepare them for their first big day and make some new friends! (January only)
  • A huge variety of classes and timetable can give your child the gift of health these winter holidays!

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Ninja Warrior Camp
This one’s for our kids with lots of energy! Your kids will learn some awesome skills and will be leaping, swinging, rolling and running all day!
School Readiness Camp
Get your child to be physically, socially and emotionally ready for their first day of school! We focus on routine, independence, creativity, movement, sharing and making friends. This is the perfect way to prepare for that first school drop off!
Ninja Nerf Camp
This camp involves lots of activities and team games. Fort building, capture the flag, Ninja Nerf, target practice and so much more fun is included at our Ninja Nerf Camp!

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What to Expect?

MyFirstGym School Holiday camps are a great way to keep active and entertained these holidays. All of our camps are jam packed with activities your child is bound to enjoy!

  • Our camps are hosted in our state of the art facilities, by our professional coaches. Whether your kids are participating in a Ninja Warrior or a Martial Arts camp, they will be learning skills and techniques, and burning some of that endless energy!
  • We cater for a variety of ages within the same camp. This means you can bring all of your kids to the same place, for them all to be entertained at the same time.
  • School holiday camps are a great way to meet new gym buddies or something fun to do with a friend! All are welcome, members and non members.


How long do the camps go for?
MyFirstGym runs half and full day camps. These are generally 3 and 6 hour events. Contact your local club to confirm the exact drop off and pick up time!
How much is a holiday camp?
Our camp prices vary depending on camp length and location. Generally, prices start from just $39! You will need to contact your local club to find out more.
How old does my child have to be?
School holiday camps are for our school aged kids, so 5 plus!
Do I drop the kids off or stay?
Drop and Run! We will look after your child for a full or half day. They will be in the care of our professional coaches, so no need for you to hang around! Be sure to come with them to drop off at reception and come into the club for pick up.