MFGFit is Australia’s first functional training program specially built for 8 -15 years old. The MFGFit experience is engineered to supplement, and or, complement all sports & activities available. It includes functional circuit based training designed to improve speed, endurance, power, agility and strength.

MFG FIT Program

Bring out the best in your kids with our performance focused program

  • Education

    The MFGFit offering is designed to teach members how to begin training their bodies like adults to improve performance. Technique and understanding are key with all classes and members develop a strong knowledge base for leading a fit and healthy life

  • High quality program & coaches

    High quality programs and coaches Our programs have been developed in consultation with an industry leading strength and conditioning coach, specialising in working with child athletes. All coaches have been trained internally and have relevant fitness industry qualifications

  • State of the art facility

    Our MFGFit arena provides a great training environment for the bigger kids. Combined with equipment such as rowing machines, chin up bars and medicine balls your child will have everything they need to start training like mum and dad under supervised conditions.

  • Progress monitoring

    One of the greatest attractions of the MFGFit program is the regular fitness testing. These results are gathered at regular intervals and sent straight to the parents and child for them to set goals and monitor progress.

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Watch This Space

New MFG FIT classes are coming soon to all clubs, so watch this space for MFG Fit Testing and MFG Fit Introduction to Strength Training classes.

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