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Inspiring Movement

We inspire movement & encourage progression, in a fun place that children love to play and parents love to stay.

My Movement Buddy

MyFirstGym members will have the option of using the revolutionary MyMovementBuddy system to track their child’s progress. Each MFG class will be set with movement goals that will be measured via a tracking wrist band. Each child will have their own MFG account, and through simple movement tracking, kids will be inspired to reach daily, weekly and monthly movement targets.

MyMovementBuddy is an inspiring movement system that makes being active fun and allows mum and dad peace of mind in knowing their child is getting the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy

12 Month Membership
$24.95 per child p/w
$19.95 per sibling p/w

Flexible Membership (month to month)
$29.95 per child p/w
$23.95 per sibling p/w

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