Introducing our latest in kid’s technology: MyMovementBuddy! An activity tracker, the MyMovementBuddy system allows members of MyFirstGym to track their progress on a user-friendly app. With each MyFirstGym set with movement goals, the MyMovementBuddy measures your child’s activity via a wrist band.

Each child will have their own MyFirstGym account, and through simple movement tracking, kids will be inspired to reach daily, weekly and monthly movement targets in an inspiring way. This keeps the fun in being active while mum and dad can feel that their child is getting the exercise and activity they need to stay healthy and happy!

MyMovementBuddy gives your child the ability to strive for greatness by setting and achieving goals. Through wearable technology and the MyFirstGym app your child can track their movement’s points and receive virtual Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. These virtual medals will keep on building over the course of the year and give your child and enjoyable incentive to push themselves within their classes.