MyFirstGym kids are confident kids.
March 28, 2024
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It’s true: MyFirstGym kids are confident kids. It’s like our coaches sprinkle some kind of sparkly-blue fairy dust on them as they walk into each class. But they don’t. Sorry to say: you can’t build self-esteem nor develop confidence with magic or a spell. If there was such a thing, we’d all be lining up at the fairy house for a wave from the wand! 

I talked a few months ago about a MyFirstGym kid called Simon, and how his confidence grew exponentially once he joined up. He’s just one of so many examples. What is the secret to MyFirstGym’s success with kids and confidence? Exactly what are we doing that supports them to thrive and flourish? 

How does MyFirstGym build confidence in kids?

MyFirstGym’s focus is on inspiring movement and building good physical and mental health. Quite simply, self-esteem and confidence are just a natural by-product of that. Kids who attend our classes flourish because they are supported to try new things and master them to the best of their abilities. MyFirstGym is more successful in building confidence in kids than some other sporting clubs because we:

Acknowledge, but don’t dwell on, mistakes.

No one makes it through a Ninja Warrior course the first time. Not quite getting something right the first time isn’t a hall pass to giving up or a ticket to the bench, something our coaches make clear in a supportive and gentle way. This is a safe place to try and try again.

Encourage kids to try new things.

Confidence is built by attempting and mastering new things.  Whether that’s an entirely new class or a new move, this is where the confidence to tackle other things in life is practiced. With our ‘one stop shop’ gyms and flexible memberships, trying something different isn’t a trip down Expensive-New-Uniform Lane or Drive-Across-Town Way. Have a look at the range of classes we offer in one convenient place today- you’ll be surprised! 

Applaud perseverance.

At MyFirstGym, every class is structured to develop skills and physical fitness over time. This provides lots of opportunities to acknowledge and praise persistence. The more we give positive notice to grit and determination, the more our kids feel compelled to apply this to other aspects of life, not just MyFirstGym.

Find their ‘thing’.

Who knew their child would like something you’ve never heard of (Parkour, anyone?) With so many classes covering a wide range of physical sports and activities (not to mention flexible memberships), giving a new sport a try might just lead to a new passion. And when kids are given the opportunity to do something they love, they’re more likely to try harder, have more success and develop healthy self-esteem. 

Set goals.

When we see how far we’ve come, we’re more likely to keep on going. Goal setting is therefore one of the most important pillars supporting success. We do this through the MyMovementBuddy, class performance indicators and individual goal setting. 

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Celebrate achievement. 

The best fun of all! Seeing the joy on kids faces as we celebrate their 25th, 100th or 250th class is priceless. Kids also love being recognised for mover of the week and athlete of the class!  Reward and recognition goes a long way.  We’re all about celebrating mastery and improvement at MyFirstGym! 

Provide confident role-models.

Our coaches are experts in physical movement and highly invested in sports. Many have studied or are studying at tertiary levels in the Exercise Sciences, and are involved in lots of physical activities outside of MyFirstGym. From ultra-marathons to the local soccer team, they are the ultimate confidence role model! 

Show we care.

When children are nurtured and feel safe, they thrive. This is the culture we strive for at every MyFirstGym: it can be seen in the expertise of our coaches to the celebration of every small step toward greater physical fitness.

Show we care about parents.

When parents are happy, kids feel safer and happier. One place, uniform and fee for several siblings across a wide variety of sporting activities? Yes, that makes parents happy! 

Experience the joy of seeing your child flourish. 

I used to have one of those ‘leg-huggers’, the one that hid behind my skirt and had to be coaxed into any unfamiliar environment. I would watch nervously from the sidelines as they stepped into a new class or match. Usually, they’d confessed on the way to the venue just how anxious they were about e v e r y t h i n g. But for my little koala, each small success led to larger ones. Each failure was hard, but they were always encouraged to try again. Watching their self-esteem and confidence grow through movement and sport has been incredible. This is how confidence is built. 

When we know we can do hard things, we develop grit and the determination to succeed. And from here, we flourish. This is at the heart of every MyFirstGym class. 

Take pride in seeing your child take on new challenges (like a new class at MyFirstGym).

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Watching our children smile and pump the air as they improve their time or nail a dance move, that’s where the magic is! The constraints of time, expense, work, school and the daily logistics of modern life can hinder and stifle the joy of watching our kids thrive. We built MyFirstGym to ease those pain points, to help parents raise confident, happy kids in an affordable and accessible way. 

Look at your nearest MyFirstGym today, and if you’re one of the 12,000+ parents already signed up, why not encourage your child to try a new class today. It’ll do wonders for their confidence!

So much variety at My First Gym

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